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Really? Server ain't gonna go down don't worry ;).
Shane said If we dont get 60 dollars by september first... The server goes down
i get not on the link and sorry
Use [link] as the ip
Its say Connection Time out
You do not have access to shout

New MiniGame!

Corsicaman aOwner posted May 25, 14

Guns, grenades, mortars, airstrikes, mines... more weapons than you can even imagine! Do you think you could survive more than 1 minute? Not so sure... We present to you BattleCraft, a new mini-game in the style of Battlefield and Call of Duty IN MINECRAFT! 
A new portal is available in the Hub. 

The game is still in Beta, there might still be some bugs - please report them and we will fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding! 
Good luck soldier!

In other news, a YouTuber has graciously offered us a video for Monday, and we have accepted the offer.  He filmed yesterday, you will see the video posted here after we are aware of the post.  In the case you would like to try and watch the video yourself, you can visit his YouTube channel: BigMacNation

UPDATE: The video has been posted.

Butterflyze I was on then LOL!
alfredrb My freind GreenDragon9 was on thir
indiagirl10 Hwnt and BigMacNation from BahmLounge. Plus BurtGasm and Aviator.

Prison Application released

Elite Games aOwner posted Apr 1, 14
Hello Guys,

Prison applications have been released, visit the Forums section and post under Prison Applications.  Don't forget to read the rules and make sure you follow the guidelines before posting!


Elite Games Network

Prison and other important news

Elite Games aOwner posted Mar 31, 14
Hello Guys!

This has been an amazing start to a week for Elite Games.  We are beginning work once again on the Prison server, and we need your help.  We are calling out any players that have knowledge in World Guard, World Edit, and of course a general knowledge in Minecraft plugins.  Beginning (April 1st) you will notice a new area in the Fourms for applications, and the format for the applications.  Anyone who is accepted will have to prove that they can use all these resources, by showing such in game.  However don't fret, as we will be there to correct any issues and make sure you guys know what to do.

In other news, mlghwnt has released a YouTube spotlight on Elite Games Network this week, and we are super happy about it.  Watch it below:


Elite Games Network
Elnatan_123 Musicking7, you better take that back XD
Jordan_Da_B0SS EliteVIPDonator The mans shorts O_e
Corsicaman aOwner Can't wait to see the MRPG server done!
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